Samsung Omnia II review and teardown video

Here’s another Verizon Samsung Omnia II (i920) courtesy of Engadget. As it was stated beofre in previous reviews; Samsung’s TouchWiz 2 UI isn’t really the best around especially on Windows Mobile:

True, the Windows Mobile experience varies from phone to phone — so it’s not like we didn’t expect TouchWiz to be all over this thing. We’ve had plenty of opportunities to play with various iterations of Samsung’s beloved UI over the course of the year, from the odd dumphone to the Android-powered Behold II, and the implementation has been at best unremarkable, at worst a major inconvenience. With the Samsung Ultra Touch we encountered a more-than-capable phone that did little to excite us, but would be more than suitable for the target demographic. With the Behold II, we were taken aback: a more than capable OS was rendered less-than-useful by pervasive (and at times ill-considered) skinning. Sadly, it seems that the downward spiral has continued apace with the marriage of TouchWiz 2 and WinMo 6.5.

Read the whole thing here has also posted a short teardown video of the device: