Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2 updated on Windows Mobile

Opera just released an update to their beta of Opera Mobile 10 on Windows Mobile. This new version adds:

Changelog from Beta 2:

Support for auto-rotation

Support for right-to-left rendering of web content

Quicker launch, up to 70% faster on some phone models

Nicer shortcut icon for WM 6.5 (requires device reboot after install)

A few stability fixes

Several other minor bug fixes

Grab it here

Try Android 2.0.1 on your Windows Mobile device

Thanks to the chefs at XDA you can now try Android 2.0.1 (Eclair) on your HTC Touch HD, TouchPro 2 or Touch Diamond 2. Android is basically running on WinMo through an emulator this means that a lot of functionalities currently don’t work (like WiFi, Phone etc) but the performance is quite good for what it is. Just hit the links below to grab the files:

Touch Pro2 (v1.6)
Touch Diamond2
Touch HD

1. Download the files and put them on a storage card on your device
2. Run Haret.exe, and wait about five minutes

Pocketnow did a short video of the whole thing running on an HTC Touch Diamond2:

Via: Pocketnow

More HTC Nexus One live shots and video

Looks like somebody decided to posted some live shots a a short video of the Nexus One in action before getting a call from Big Brother..Google (the twitter account is now set to private..). The QR code on the back of the device leads to the http://www.android.com/holidays:

Source: Twitter via Engadget