Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 passes the FCC

Xperia X10 FCC
Will the Xperia X10 be on time? Well, it looks like Sony Ericsson is pushing hard to get it right this time around (unlike the Xperia X2). The device has just passed the FCC in the US which means that it shouldn’t be too far off. Head over to the FCC’s website to check out all the info (user manual etc..)

Source: FCC via engadget

The HTC HD2 might be headed to T-Mobile US next year

HD2 Tmo
Good news for you T-Mobile users in the US, information found in a upcoming ROM suggests that HTC HD2 the might be headed to the carrier early next year. What’s also interesting is that the ROM version is a big jump from the current official 1.48 version (the latest leaked is 1.61):

* Leo ROM 2.01
* WM6.5 build 21869
* Opera
* OzIM_US_1.
* Teeter 2.0
* TMOUS_Manila_Core 2.5.1921401

Source: WMExperts

HTC Diamond2 and Touch Pro2 receive handwriting recognition update

HTC Support
HTC has just posted a Handwritting recognition update for the Diamond2 a Touch Pro2 smartphones:

This update for HTC Touch Diamond2 lets you write the way you want to. Now in addition to the full QWERTY keypad, simulating a full physical keyboard experience, HTC Touch Diamond2 now offers handwriting recognition to give you more flexibility to send messages to your loved ones.

Installation Instructions:

Note: AP version control -> The criterion will pass if the Touch Input for Pocket is equal to Version 2.1 (Build1919.1320), or lower.

I didn’t even know that this feature wasn’t even available on those 2 devices. What’s up with that?

Grab the Touch Pro2 patch here and the Diamond2 here

source: HTC

LG VS750 Windows Mobile 6.5 device headed to Verizon

LG VS750
Verizon is on a roll latetly, itseems that LG is about to launch a new Windows Mobile 6.5 samrtphone, LG VS750, early next year. According to ssome tips the device supposedly features a GSM/CDMA radio for global roaming and is reall thin. Nothing else is knowed other that some more info submitted to the Bluetooth SIG.

Source: Bluetooth SIG via PhoneArena

Microsoft finally enforces Bing search deal with Verizon

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Microsoft and Verizon‘s relationship and how Google sneaked in a managed to accomplish what Redmond was planning to do especially in regards to the search deal that was signed one year ago. Well, it looks like Microsoft is finally getting serious. As of today Verizon has dropped Google search from their BlackBerry smartphone and left only Bing.

“The default to our BlackBerry devices is now bing!” and that if you’d like to use another search provider, you can “go to web – bookmark, make favorite, download. Also – you can to Appworld and download Google quicksearch client for free and move it from the Downloads folder to have a link on the home screen.”

Source: BGR

HTC HD2 Review: The best smartphone ever?


For many years Windows Mobile users have been disappointed every time a new handset was announced because this or that feature was missing. Not long ago it was screen resolutions, people wanted VGA screens, before that it was Wi-Fi or GPS, 3D acceleration or camera flashes etc. This year HTC finally announced what everybody’s been wishing and waiting for. A Windows Mobile smartphone that has every single feature imaginable (besides a hardware keyboard), the HTC HD2. Will this device be enough for the power user? Is it too late to “save” WM6.5 ?

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HTC HD2 SD Card patch / update

HTC Support
HTC just posted a new update for the HD2 today. This time related to the microSD Card support. Unfortunately I don’t really know what the heck they are talking about given that there is no change log:

This update for HTC HD2 further extends support of the SD Storage Capability. Taking pictures with your 5 Megapixel lens and dual LED flash can only truly be appreciated at the maximum quality, and now with this update, you will be able to appreciate how much more you can store in your 8GB or more SD Card.

Note: This update is only applicable to Camera versions equal to Version 6.26 (Build 1921.1625), or lower. You can check the Camera Version under HOME > Start Menu > Camera> Settings > Advanced > Page 5> About> Version information.

Grab it here

Source: HTC

Verizon HTC Imagio video review

Here’s a quick video review of Verizon’s HTC Imagio done by WMPoweruser. The Imagio is currently the only Windows Mobile device to feature Verizon‘s Vcast TV with Qualcomm’s FLoTV technology.

I must admit that I’m surprised to see how responsive the resistive screen is!

Source: WMPoweruser

First Samsung Bada UI screenshots

Bada UI

The first Bada UI have popped up all over the net in the last couple of days. It definitely looks good,but I still don’t see how one more mobile OS is a good thing…Samsung should focus on Windows Mobile & Android instead.
Bada UI 2

Source: Samsung Flash Wiki & Engadget Germany

Sprint’s HTC Hero & Samsung Moment will get Android 2.1 update not 2.0!

Android 2.1 htc hero
Remember a few days ago Sprint announced via Twitter that the HTC HEro and the Samsung Moment will receive an Android 2.0 update in early 2010. Well it looks like theyr wrong and in a good way! HTC just announced (via Twitter again..) that Sprint‘s HTC Hero will will getting an update to Android 2.1.

Anybody notice the clarification from @sprint? Hero on Sprint will not be getting 2.0…it will get 2.1 :)

Update: the Samsung Moment will also get Android 2.1:

Slight clarification on Android OS updates for the HTC Hero & Samsung Moment. Will be updating straight to Android 2.1, not 2.0, in 1H2010.

Source: HTC & Sprint