One more HP iPAQ Glisten review

HP Glisten review
This time it’s Pocketnow’s turn to posted a review of the HP iPAQ Glisten WM6.5 smartphone. Their conclusion is in line with what other’s have said:

There are a lot of wishes that we have for the iPAQ Glisten, but it’s important to keep in mind that this device isn’t supposed to be flashy and excellent at multimedia playback. If you want that, get the Tilt 2.

For starters we wish that HP would have done something…anything…to change the interface of Windows Mobile. Each and every Windows Phone on the market has some improved home screen interface, plus a couple of pieces of software that are indpendent of what Microosft includes. The Glisten is basically running a clean and tidy installation of Windows Mobile 6.5. That’s it! While this may make the tweakers happy, it provides a drab experience for most users who want something interesting with a little bit of eye candy.

The rest of our gripes have to do with features and qualities that we see in other devices but not in the Glisten. For example, the small and low resolution screen isn’t good enough for a good photo/video experience. Also, swapping out microSD cards isn’t easy and requires you to pop out the battery. But again, it’s likely that the average Glisten user isn’t going to be using the device for multimedia, so these aren’t huge issues.

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