One more video of HTC’s Sense UI running on the Samsung Omnia II

Here’s a new video of a Samsung Omnia II cooked ROM that features HTC’s Sense UI. As you can see performance isn’t that good right now and a couple of features are not yet working:

You can check out the first video here


Video of Swype on-screen keyboard running on Android

The now famous Swype on-screen keyboard input has be caught running on and Android device (an HTC Droid Eris). As you have probably seen earlier this new input method lest you enter text by swiping your finger across the on-screen keyboard without releasing your finger for each letter. You can already try it on you Windows Mobile smartphone by download the .cab file here.

Inother Swype related news, Nokia and Samsung (who is the first OEM to officialy use it on the Verizon Omnia II) have just invested $5.6M into to the software company.

Source: MobileCrunch & Moconews

Zune Twitter app coming tomorrow

The Zune team just announced that the Zune HD Twitter aplication should be out tomorrow.

Zune Nation! The Twitter App for Zune is coming tomorrow – more details in the morning! ^BJ

If I remember correctly a Facebook was also promised, hopefully it shouldn’t be too far off.

Source: Twitter

Bing debuts on the iPhone, looks better than on Windows Mobile

That’s right folks, another slap in the face of Windows Mobile users and some good news for iPhone owners. Microsoft just released Bing Maps on the iPhone a couple of minutes ago. It basically has the same features as the Windows Mobile version but has a much more finger friendly UI, multi-touch support, smooth-zooming and new features like built-in image search , landscape mode etc…Check out the pictures I just snapped (iPhone vs HTC HD2). You can download now in the AppStore and for more info see here.

First HTC Nexus One video

Nothing really exciting guys, just the HTC Nexus One (Google’s new Android dev phone) booting up…

Update: Here’s the second worthless video

Source: Thenexusone via Engadget

HP iPAQ Glisten reviews

Here are two reviews of the HP iPAQ Glisten (Obsidian) Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone. The first one is from Cnet:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a smartphone from HP here in the United States, but the company’s hoping to shine with its new messaging device for AT&T, called the HP iPaq Glisten. The Windows Mobile 6.5 handset looks decent on paper, offering all the essential features a mobile professional would want in a smartphone: a full range of wireless options, e-mail capabilities with a spacious QWERTY keyboard, and productivity tools. However, after spending some time with the device, we came away feeling completely underwhelmed by the iPaq Glisten. Its AMOLED touch screen should be one of the highlights of the smartphone, but instead, the low-resolution screen and the poor touch interface make it one of the phone’s downfalls. In addition, there’s very little in the way of extras or customization that just makes the smartphone feel drab.

For our money, we’d rather give up the touch screen and go with something like the RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700, which offers a sharper screen, faster performance, and costs about $80 less than the iPaq. However, if you’re not a BlackBerry fan or are partial to Windows Mobile, the iPaq Glisten can do the job, just don’t expect a lot of bells and whistles. The HP iPaq Glisten is available now with a two-year contract for $179.99, after a $50 mail-in rebate.

Check it out here

WMExperts have also posted their thoughts about the device:

Glisten review

The size and slightly contoured edges felt good in the hand. I liked the keyboard but wished the top and side controls were raised just a little to make them easier to manipulate. The Glisten zips along nicely running Windows Mobile 6.5 and while it may not have the flash of other Windows phones, I found it to be a very capable Windows phone.

The AMOLED screen grew on me and it has its advantages over the traditional screen (works well outdoors). I don’t think the AMOLED screen is a deal breaker but does add to the phone.

Read it here

Source: Cnet & WMExperts