Motorola Opus One captured on video

Here’s some Motorola Opus One live action. The device is said to be the first iDEN Android device to shipin the US. As you can see the device is running Android 1.5 and Motorola’s MotoBlur UI is on board:

Source: IntoMobile

Xperia X2 Delay confirmation, out in January

Xperia X2 Jan 2010
The Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 delay I reported a few days ago has been confirmed today. According to Sony Ericsson:

X2 to be launched in January
Hi All – Over the last couple of weeks there has been a few, OK more than a few rumours that the X2 is going to be delayed until January and I’m sure it will not come as a surprise when we say that these are well founded.

The software worked fine but when we started integrating it with some of the network specific apps it threw up a few issues which we’re working to fix.

It’s all minor tweaks really (extending the battery life and speeding up aspects of the software), but we want to be sure that when we ship this it is as good as it should be and that you don’t have to constantly upgrade the software as we iron out these wrinkles.

So… we’re launching first week of January. Really sorry if you were looking forward to getting hold of one before then but it will be worth it when we get there.

Thanks for your continued interest in the site.

Too little too late, sorry Sony Ericsson…Hopefully the Xperia X3 will come out on time.

Source: Sony Ericsson Xperia Blog

Nokia N900 headed to Vodafone UK in January 2010

N900 Vodafone
The Nokia N900 just popped up on Vodafone UK’s retail store with a January 2010 availability. No price information is provided yet but lets just wait and see what happens especially after the HTC HD2 debacle (Vodafone sold them for a few weeks then decided to stop carrying the device because it will overshadow the iPhone 3GS).


Source: Vodafone UK

HTC HD2 SMS Bug fix released

HTC Support
HTC has just released a hotfix for the SMS bug that many people encounter when sending a message on the HTC HD2(the sms gets stuck in the outbox). This update is only applicable to ROM version is equal to 1.49.XXX.X, or lower. I’m currently running the 1.61 that supposedly already have this hotfix and still have the SMS issue…

Update for HTC HD2 – SMS Function Update
This update for HTC HD2 messaging lets you reach out to your friends and family with instant notifications. Keeping in touch has always been very important, and this update delivers just that: fast and reliable SMS messaging.

Download it here

Source: HTC

HTC Nexus One boot up animation

HTC Nexus One boot up
Slow news day so please forgive for posting this totally useless news. Here’s a shirt video of the Boot-up animation o the HTC Nexus One..yeah the colors look familiar…Windows logo…hold on..wait….look here. It’s sad day when blogs forget that Google‘s logo has similar colors to the Windows logo…since 1998 (they’ve now edited the story to say that Google uses the same colors after commenters complainde in their comments section).

Source: YouTube via Engadget