SkyFire mobile browser updated: New UI, higher resolutions support and kinetic scrolling

The SkyFire Mobile browser has received a major update today ( The browser now natively supportthe VGA and WVGA resolutions on Windows Mobile devices and kinetic scrolling has been added.One thing still missing it landscape support though. I’ver played with on the HTC HD2 and it’s definitaly a big step forward compared to the previous version. But it still feels kinda slow even on a SnapDragon powered device (pages load quickly but panning and zomming is really slow). Anyway this is still the best way to browse the web if you really need Flash & Silverlight support.

You can download it here

Samsung Bada OS on video

Samsung Bada Logo
Samsung unveiled and shared some info about their new Bada mobile OS yesterday. From now on Samsung will only offer devices based on Windows Mobile, Android & Bada (no more Symbian). Feature phones maybe on the way out with Bada taking over the entry-level devices. Bada will have deep Social network integration, flash support, 2D & 3D hardware support. Here are couple videos of yesterday keynote with some UI Action:

For More info head over to Samsung’s Bada site.

Digital Compass now working in Windows Mobile version of Google Maps

HTC HD2 user should be happy to know that the latest version Google Maps Mobile (3.3.1) now supports the device’s digital compass. All you have to do is to tap on the my location icon on the botom right and a littil blue arrow will display on the map (in place of the blue dot). the tip of the arrow will basically be the top of you device. For example, if you point your device to the south the arrow will point to the south on the map, etc..Grab it here. Maybe Samsung Omnia II user can try it and see if it works on their device too?

Source: Google Maps Mobile via XDA

Microsoft MyPhone no longer syncing SMS, here’s the fix

MyPhone SMS sync
Looks like the latest update to the MyPhone service (v1.05.2317) introduced a bug that disables SMS/text messages syncing if you don’t use an Exchange server. THe current solution (until Microsoft fixes the problem) is to go into the Registry:

Got To HKLM\Software\Microsoft\My Phone

Then you have to change the registry value “DisableSMSDataType” from “1″ to “0″

Hopefully Microsoft will fix this ASAP.

Acer Liquid unboxing and hands-on video

Looks like I was right in predicting that we are going to see some first hand user feedback on the Acer Liquid now that the deivce is available in the UK. Paul at Modoca just uploaded an unboxing and quick hands-on video today:

Sadly Acer didn’t really customize the Android UI (other than adding the weird looking rotating thumbnails & multimedia shortcuts) .

source: YouTube