Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 hands-on preview

Xperia X10 preview
The boys at PhoneArena posted their Xperia X10 preview yesterday. It’s starting to look like Sony Eriscssonmay have a winner here, especially if thrye release it on time (early next year). The UI still needs some performance improvements but the hardware seems to be top notch (the camera is one of the best on a smartphone, so check out the WVGA video sample they’ve posted).
SE is obviously push hard the X10 and “abandoning” the WinMo based X2.

If the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was to be released on the market today, it would be a smashing hit. It comes with great design, eye-pleasing interface and proper integration of social networks and services. Moreover, the X10 has what it takes to win over its rivals in terms of hardware – 4-inch screen, fast 1GHz processor and 8.1-megapixel camera. All this sounds truly impressive, but when do we get to see it hit the shelves? Officially, the Xperia X10 is expected in Q1 2010. We do hope that Sony Ericsson manages to roll out the phone on schedule, because delays equate to an increased number of strong rivals. As of today, however, things are looking good for Sony Ericsson´s first Android device and its future seems serene.

Source: PhoneArena

HP Glisten review and software tour

InfoSyncWorld posted a short review of the HP iPAQ Glisten (Obsidian) smartphone which they found barely good enough. Unfortunately HP didn’t bother tweaking the device with any custom UI changes or anything else. here’s their conclusion:

With the HP iPaq Glisten, we wonder if HP has been paying attention to the phone market for the last couple of years. The phone is the most basic, barebones Windows Mobile 6.5 device you could imagine, with almost no extra software or convenient tweaks to improve the user experience. Business users will enjoy the tight integration with Microsoft Exchange and the solid build quality. The phone also packs a large battery and can hold a charge through a busy day’s use. Plus, the keyboard is nice and large for easy typing, definitely a solid competitor to RIM’s BlackBerry Bold 9700. But beyond the basic business features, the phone comes up short. As more business users rely on a single device for their work and personal lives, the HP iPaq Glisten performs poorly at Web browsing, multimedia functions, taking pictures and just about anything other than serious work. The interface is difficult to use by touch alone, which is why most manufacturers, like HTC with their Tilt 2 on AT&T, improve it with some sort of enhancements. But with the HP iPaq Glisten, all you get are the basics, and that might not be enough for many users. Release: December 2009. Price: $180.

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Pocketnow also uploaded a video hardware & software tour of the Glisten:

Source: InfosyncWorld & Pocketnow

26 minutes long Xperia X2 video walkthrough

Paul from Modaco just uploaded a 26 minutes long video walkthrough of Sony Ericsson‘s latest Windows Mobile 6.5 phone,the Xperia X2:

Too little too late…

Source: Modaco