The HTC HD2 is finally here

IMG_8097 (Small)

I finally managed to get my hands on an HTC HD2, so if you have any questions or suggestion for my upcoming review (which should be up next week), don’t hesitate to hit me up on twitter or post in the comments. The review is going to be really detailed so give me a few days before I finsh it. My first impression so far is that the device is blazing fast! Lots of good stuff in there and some bad points too (Opera Mobile still isn’t as good as Safari Mobile, HTML email rendering still sucks..)

  • Maemo6

    Try Opera Mobile 10 beta 2.

  • admin

    Yup thats what I did last night. It’s the closest thing to Safari. My only hope is that HTC includes it in a future Rom with multitouch support! OM9.7 is driving crazy

  • Ahmad

    Some more details about the camera, plz :.)