Sony Xperia X2 delayed again?

Xperia X2 Jan 2010
Well it looks like Sony Ericsson didn’t learn from their mistake withe the original Xperia X1 last year. According to Vodoafone UK’s onlie shop the X2 is now scheduled to launch in January 2010 instead of November as it was previously announced . Let’s hope that they don’t start to blame Windows Mobile this time around…

Source: Vodafone via WMPoweruser

Sneak Peak at Nokia’s upcoming Symbian UI

Here are a couple of concept shots of the upcoming Symbian UI that Nokia has promised will come in 2010. As you can see nothing revolutionary, Maemo 5 looks a whole lot better IMO. What do you guys think ? You can download the whole presentation (PDF) here.

Source: Nokia via Engadget

Confirmed: The HTC Touch.B / Rome is HTC’s first feature-phone running BrewMP

MobiFrance just revealed that the HTC Touch.B (HTC Rome) is HTC’s long rumored feature-phone running Qualcomm‘s BrewMPplatform. As you can see in the video below the UI still needs a lot of work. According to the latest rumors the device has was supposed to hit the market before the end of the year but was delayed because BrewMP wasn’t ready for prime-time.

Source: MobiFrance

Google Maps Mobile 3.3 released

Google Maps Mobile 3.3 for Windows Mobile and Symbian phones has been released a few hours ago. THis new version packs the ability to sync your starred items from your desltop to your mobile device:

Google Maps for mobile has long allowed you to add stars on a map to mark your favorite places. You may have noticed a few months ago that Google Maps for desktop browsers introduced the ability to star places as well. Unfortunately, there was no way to keep these starred places in sync with Google Maps on your phone. With today’s release of Google Maps for mobile 3.3 on Windows Mobile and Symbian phones, you’ll now be able to keep the starred places on your phone and on your computer completely synchronized. It’s like magic, but magic that you can use.

Head over here to read the rest. You can
download Google Maps for mobile for your Symbian or Windows Mobile phone by visiting in your mobile browser.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

LG eXpo (GW820) hands-on preview and videos

PhoneScoop posted their hand-on impression of the LG eXpo (iQ / Monaco / GW820) & the optional Pico projector. They found the device to be good but not great and where disappointed by a few things, like the presence of LG’s proprietary data/charging/headphones port and the resistive screen (they thought it would be capacitive).

The slider mechanism feels solid and good. Opening and closing the eXpo is easy-breezy. The QWERTY keyboard felt fantastic. The keys had a really nice shape to them, were well spaced, and had excellent travel and feedback. I was really impressed with the action on the keyboard.

The eXpo runs Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional. For the most part, that’s what you see most of the time you interact with the device. However, if you wish, users can choose to open an menu system that was devised by LG for Windows Mobile. It’s a proprietary menu that sits on top of WinMo. It is not a user interface overlay. It’s simply a different way to interact with the menu. Rather than the off-set Windows Mobile pattern, it offers four neat rows of applications. Users can scroll sideways through each row to find more applications. It’s not immediately intuitive, but it makes sense it its own way.
In all, the hardware isn’t bad. It’s definitely a more usable phone that LG’s first Windows Mobile effort from last year, the Incite.

LG’s first Windows Mobile phone isn’t the Incite, it’s the KS20 released back in November 2007. Anyway, here’s what they thought about the Pico projector

The projector simply projects whatever is on the screen. You can choose to show things in landscape mode (default setting) or manually switch it to portrait mode. According to LG, the projector can project an image with a diameter of 40 inches a maximum distance of eight feet. That’s more than enough to share photos, video clips and, well, PowerPoint presentations.

It’s not exactly super bright, but even in a well lit Starbucks, I was able to make everything out when the screen was projected onto a dark brown wall. Shine it on a white wall in a dark room, and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Finally here are two videos of the device in action:

The Pico Projector in action:

The Authentec fingerprint reader which can also be used a sensing directional trackpad:

Source: PhoneScoop via WMPoweruser

Resco Photo Manager 7 released

Resco Photo Manager 7
Resco Photo Manager 7 (known as Photo Viewer before) is finally out of beta and released. It is, as far as I am concerned, the best photo editing and managing application on Windows Mobile. So, waste no time and download the 7-day trial version here. The full version will set you back $24,95 (ouch!).

WM 6.5 registration fixed
Touch friendly user interface
User interface is in new graphic
Add GPS position to any image and make a diary of your trip
Locate geo-tagged image on map (using Google Maps)
Different skins available
Letter & date navigation bar
Folder content preview
Rotation , navigation and zoom gestures
Double tap image to quickly view detail in original size
GUI animations
Support of G-sensor
Convert image to JPG, PNG and BMP
Text notes can be saved into EXIF
Upload to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa supported
Upload image with comment and GPS location

Source: Resco via WMExperts