Motorola CLIQ OTA update released

If you are a Motorola ClIQ user (on T-Mobile) you should be happy to know that an OTA (Over The Air) update that fixes some of the biggest issues currently affecting the phone (touchscreen accurency, battery life..) is now available for your device. Just go into your settings menu and download it directly to your phone (backup all your important data before..). Here’s what’s new:

Cliq 1.1.31 OTA Update released:

Patch notes (summarized):

- Increased battery life when phone is idle or running applications
- New battery management feature, customize battery settings, such as turning data off when phone idle for 30mins
- Improved bluetooth for pairing, audio/call connections
- Improved touchscreen accuracy and reduced inadvertent screen touch pick-ups
- TTY Options
- Better business/corporate connections
- Improved caller connectivity, repairs issues with lingering connections after hanging up a call
- Quick Office 2 added
- Accelerometer Enhancements with responsiveness and accuracy

Via: TMOnews