Android 2.1 to be released on December 11th ?

Android eclair
According to Androidandme the recently leaked Android 2.1 update is going to be launched next week on December 11th. THe first device to recive this update are supposedly the Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Eris. the rumored updates are the following:

•New Android Market with carrier billing support
•Android 2.1 update for select devices
•OTA updates for the Verizon Droid and Droid Eris
•Desktop client for Android Market

Source: Androidandme

HTC Touch.B (Rome) leaked: Live shots

MobiFrance got their hands on a new unannounced HTC device, named the Touch B. Nothing much is known yet but it is believed that it runs Android and is a low-end device like the HTC Tattoo.

Source: MobiFrance

More Windows Mobile 7 info: Silverlight is here to stay


MSFTkitchen (aka UXEvanglist) compiled a list of several LinkedIn profiles mentioning Windows Mobile 7. As you will see it corfirms what I’ve been saying all along. First, Motorola was/is heavely involved in Windows Mobile 7 (see here), second, Silverlight is going to be a big part of WM7 (see my predictions here):
Windows Mobile 7 Motorola RSS Reader Application and New UI Controls

Windows Mobile 7 Labs and Add-on Projects

Windows Mobile 7 Mirage UK BSP

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Android 2.1 for HTC Hero leaked

Android 2.1 htc hero
Looks like HTC is getting ready to skip Android 2.0 and got straight for 2.1. A bootleg Android 2.1 ROM compatible with the HTC Hero has been posted on XDA today:

HERO 2.1
Here you go guys!

- Sync fixed
- Added extended apns list

- Rooted
- Facebook app added
- Wireless Tether added
- Amazon MP3 added
- Sync is broke atm – Working on it

Rapdishare mirror


HOW-TO Install
1. Do a nandroid backup (DONT FORGET)
2. Flash this new radio (link)
3. Perform a wipe (IMPORTANT)
4. Flash it
5. Have fun!

Head over here to grab all the files

Source: XDA

Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 unboxing video

There’s been a lot of talk about Sony Ericsson‘s first Android phone the X10 lately but don’t forget that another Xperia devices about to launch, the X2. It definitely looks like SE’s wants to quietly kill this product, making it Dead On Arrival especially given that it’s probably their last Windows Mobile phone. Sad isn’t it?
Tracy & Matt posted the following unboxing video:

Source: YouTube

Samsung OmniaPro B7610 unboxing

Brandon at Pocketnow just posted an unboxing video of Samsung’sWindows Mobile OmniaPro which was announced a while ago and still hasn’t hit the market. The OmniaPro B7610 is basically an Omnia II with a sliding-qwerty keyboard (and slightly smaller screen).

Source: Pocketnow

Samsung Behold II reviewed, TouchWiz has to go

beholdII review
It looks like slapping the TouchWiz UI on Android wasn’t the brightest idea. According Engadget’s review the Samsung Behold II may be the one of the least appealing Android device to date. Samsung‘s UI is found to be messy and bogs down the performance of the phone which runs the now outdated Qualcomm MSM7200 chipset. Having played with the TouchWIZ UI on the Omnia II I can guarantee you that it can be sometimes painfully to use (flashy colors everywhere, totally useless 3D Cube ,lack of coherence etc..).

While other companies have gone onwards and upwards with Android, we’re afraid that Samsung’s latest is a non-starter. By taking yesterday’s version of Android, an all-but-underpowered processor, and an ill-considered user experience, the company has given us a handset that does far too many things, far too poorly. All this for $229 on contract!

Source: Engadget