HTC HD2 vs Nokia N900 size comparison


Here’s a nice size comparison between two of the most wanted smartphones of Q4 2009, the Nokia N900 and HTC HD2. The Windows Phone is obviously thinner that the N900 which has a full qwerty keyboard. What’s interesting is that the HD2 on screen keyboard has bigger keys (it hides a lot of screen estate though) than the physical keyboard on the Maemo 5 device.

In comparison, the N900 – despite having a hardware keyboard – is more cramped than the HD2, and while we appreciate the tactile feedback of the physical buttons (the HD2 does have haptic feedback, buzzing briefly when each on-screen key is tapped) they’re smaller than on the HTC. Meanwhile there’s no error correction on the N900, only word-prediction, and as we commented in our initial unboxing of the smartphone, the top row of keys can be uncomfortably close to the lower edge of the screen. Right now we’re quicker at typing on the HD2 than we are on the N900, despite having had the latter for far longer.

Source: SlashGear