Symbian CEO trashes Google's Android on video

Here’s an “interesting” video shot by GigaOM in which you can see that Symbian‘s CEO, Lee Williams decided to speak his mind about Google’s Android and Apple:

“I don’t view Apple as evil, just greedy. Google … Come on.”

I agree with most of what he said. 99% of Google’s revenues comes from targeted advertising and Android is only used to track ( cookie-ing ) users’ lifes & habits just like they do with search/gmail (your mails are scanned to better target ads) etc.. Now it’s obviously up to the users to agree with this, so Symbian can’t do anything about it. The other part is that even though Google “claims” that Android is OpenSource/free to use etc, it’s a “lie”. Just look at what happened to XDA modders a couple of weeks ago and HTC when it changed the Vanilla UI, included Microsoft Exchange support and Multi-Touch (the Google logo got stripped off the devices). Google has more control over Android than Microsoft over Windows Mobile, which is…ironic.. People can hate the iPhone all they want, but atleast Apple has always set the record straight about it.

Source: GigaOM