LG BL40 New Chocolate review

Here’s a review of LG‘s high-end premium feature phone the BL40 with 21:9 aspect ration capacitive touchscreen. This one is from Engadget who hand the chance to handle the device for a while and posted a couple of videos and picture samples taken with the device. Here’s their conclusion:

It’s hard for a company like LG, which doesn’t quite have the first tier mobile manufacturer cachet of the likes of Nokia and Sony Ericsson, to sell premier high-margin items such as this BL40 handset. We think its approach on the hardware front is absolutely spot on – by using high grade materials and a unique design, the Korean giant has certainly put together a device that grabs and merits our attention. What LG needs now is that same level of care and painstaking refinement to be applied to the software side of its phones. That need not necessarily be done by LG itself, with Android taking rapid steps forward in its development and Microsoft recently updating Windows Mobile to a marginally more usable version 6.5. At any rate, we were left frustrated by LG’s own effort in the BL40, which kept taking one step forward, and one and a half back wherever we turned.

The BL40 is an excellently constructed, well thought out machine that fills our sex appeal box to the top. Where we found LG’s watchphone lacking that extra bit of pizzazz to make it compelling, the BL40′s design exudes just the right amount of eccentricity and flair to make it an aesthetically drool-worthy device. Regrettably, its beauty is mostly skin deep, as it’s let down by an overly ambitious and inconsistent user experience. We see a lot of potential down the road, but as it stands today, the BL40 is just a pretty, shiny pretender that lacks the internal fortitude to challenge the incumbent market leaders.

Keep in mind that LG has signed a deal with Microsoft too launch 50 new Windows Mobile smartphones in the coming years and Microsoft has Windows Mobile LG Team currently working on Windows Mobile 7

Source: Engadget

  • logan

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