Acer beTouch E200 reviewed

Acer beTouch E200
Well the PhoneArena boys did it again and reviewed Acer‘s new low-end Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone. Looks like they hated the phone though, check out their conclusion:

Since we are really cool and people like us, we get calls from various people all the time, from relatives, friends, secret admirers … they all, however, tend to have the same opinion – the Acer beTouch E200 doesn’t sound good. Most of the complaints relate to the overly sharp and surreal sound. We are not pleased at what we get on our side of the line either – even if loud enough, voices of people sound dull and unintelligible. That is just too bad, because we do appreciate phones that deliver good in-call quality.

According to the manufacturer, the battery should be able to provide 5 hours of continuous talk time and 400 hours in standby. During our tests, we had to charge it after two days of moderate usage.

The Acer beTouch E200 can be a real adventure for all fans of modern smartphones. This is a joke, of course. The truth is, it fails to deliver something that will remain in our memories. Yes, it runs the new operating system of Microsoft, has nice build quality and appearance, which is hard to come by in a WM phone. These qualities alone, however, make the device just a likeable smartphone and not a handset we would get back to and compare to other devices. While not unappealing, the interface personalization is skin-deep, so you will inevitably have to face the unhandy WM6.5 interface. The camera is mediocre and so are the multimedia capabilities to some extent. The Acer beTouch E200 delivers many functions, but there is no single aspect it excels in and that makes it stand out from the competition. Quite the contrary. To top it off, it can´t connect via Wi-Fi and this is a cardinal sin with smartphones.

Ouch, better not get this phone if you have other choices available to you (like the HTC Touch2). It’s a shame because this is what gives Windows Mobile a bad reputaion, OEMs who do half-as$ed jobs and ship sucky hardware.

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