One more HTC HD2 preview with video, heading to the US in Q1 2010

This time it’s from SlashGear:

A bigger display means that the on-screen QWERTY can be larger, and in fact the keys are significantly bigger than any portrait-orientation hardware keyboard smartphone we’ve played with. The same clever auto-correction has been implemented, and – though our typing experience was brief – we found it to be very straightforward to use. Full-screen browsing, using Opera Mobile (since Internet Explorer Mobile doesn’t support multitouch), is a slick revelation, with the speedy Snapdragon processor making for rapid zooming – whether by double-tap or multitouch pinch-zoom – and instantaneous text resizing and reflowing. There’s no pause or delay to wait for jagged images to be rescaled, or half-chopped paragraphs to shuffle onto the screen. The capacitive touchscreen itself is swift and smooth, and has instantly left resistive Windows Phones in the shade.

And the good news is that it’s coming to the US in Q1 2010! :

The HTC HD2 Windows Phone will see its UK and European launch later this month, with broader availability in Asia during the rest of the year. Meanwhile Peter Chou confirmed to us that HTC are working on a US-spec version of the device, which will cross the Atlantic in time for Q1 2010. No word on pricing as yet.

My only hope is that it would be able to run Windows Mobile 7 and according to the WM7 chassis specs it shouldn’t have a problem. Now it remains to be seen if HTC is going to officially release a WM7 rom in 2010 for this device. Thankfully with have XDA..

You can read the whole thing here