Samsung Omnia II coming to Verizon in mid-october but with WM6.1

Here’s some good a bad news for you Omnia lovers. The good news is that WMExperts heard whispers abou the Omnia II hitting Verizon in a few weeks. The bad news is that it will run Windows Mobile 6.1 instead of Windows Mobile 6.5 (which will be available in a ROM update later donw the road according to them) unlike the rest of the world.

Verizon is waiting for Samsung to officially launch it first.
Verizon is looking to launch sometime in mid-October.
It will launch on Verizon with Windows Mobile 6.1.
Windows Mobile 6.5 will be in a ROM update, but not for a while.
The Omnia II is launching elsewhere with Windows Mobile 6.5.

I wonder if the not-yet announced HTC Imagio is going to be hitting the streets first.

Source: WMExperts