More Project Pink Info


Paul over at Modaco just posted what he knows about project Pink so Im going to quote him here and add my thoughts:

The Who

- Project ‘Pink’ is being developed by Microsoft’s ‘PMX’ team (Premium Mobile eXperiences), which includes the majority of the assets from the $500m of Danger, makers of the sidekick.
- The hardware partners on the project are Sharp, who you will recall previously worked with Danger on the sidekick releases.
- The key operator partner is Verizon, however Microsoft have agreements in place to offer the ‘Pink’ devices worldwide.

The Hardware

- The project is about two devices, ‘Turtle’ and ‘Pure’.
- Turtle is a slider device with a T9 keypad, similar in style to the Motorola Alexander, almost round in shape like a make-up compact.
- Turtle has a 3.5mm jack and 5 Megapixel camera.
- Pure is a sideways sliding QWERTY device, like the HTC Touch Pro2. It has no tilt mechanism.
- Pure has a 8 Megapixel camera.
- Both devices use ground breaking screen technology from Sharp, which will ‘blow everyone away’.
- The devices will be dual MICROSOFT / Sharp branded.

I still think that an MS branded phone isn’t a good idea. But oh well thats Microsoft and they love to have messy strategies…

The Software

- The Pink software suite is built on the same core as Windows Mobile 7, but shares nothing in look and feel with the new Windows Mobile OS.
- Pink includes elements of the software seen on the Zune HD.
- Pink includes XBox integration as seen on the Zune HD
- The UI is written in Silverlight and uses Seadragon.
- In true Danger style, ALL data is synced to ‘the cloud’.
- The software even has parental controls.
- The device has a unified messaging experience – the lines between IM, Email and SMS are blurred a-la MOTOBLUR!
- On device content purchases of applications / music / video etc. are supported.

Silverlight UI? now that’s interesting…as I already said,SL is going to be a big part of Microsoft future mobile strategy… Seadragon too. MS was looking to hire a Lead Dev last May to port Seadragon to Windows Mobile 7..

The Market

- Pink will be offered alongside Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Mobile 7! 6.5 will target business, 7 and Pink will target consumers, but in slightly different ways.

In true Microsoft fashion, a total mess. 3 different Mobile OSes on the market at the same time with MS & non-MS branded phones?
I can’t believe MS is that stupid/nuts.

The when

- CES 2010 isn’t planned as the ‘outing party’ for the Pink project currently, it will have it’s own launch.

The sooner the better cause all those Pink rumors can’t be goog fro Redmond IMO.

Source: Modaco