Layar augmented reality Android app goes 3D

Layar is anouncing today that they are going to launch a new version of their Augmented Reality Android browser in November with full 3D support.

We are proud to announce today, on the 22nd of September, we will move our platform to a full 3D Augmented Reality experience. We consider AR to be an experience medium and 3D objects are the language of this new medium. A 3D grid with 3D objects, including sound, gives users true immersive experiences that change the perception of reality. We will enable the 500+ Layar developers with tools to create these rich experiences. We hope you will be able to create some exciting and creative new experiences with this capability.

Let’s hope that Layar gets ported to other platforms like Windows Mobile (the Samsung Omnia II and HTC HD2/Leo have digital compasses) and iPhone 3GS in the near futur.

Here’s a short video demonstrating the new feature:

Source Layar via Engadget