Zune HD is US only for now

Well it looks like what was said in France was indeed true. According to Microsoft who was contacted by Arstechnica:

“For the time being the Zune HD device will remain US only,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Ars. “Right now we are focused on deploying an exciting service in the form of Zune Video to 18 markets. We are looking at potential future hardware experiences for these markets, but do not have anything to announce right now.”

Microsoft, you are the one losing here.I understand that getting the Zune Marketplace running outside of the US is probably hard (Movies,TV Shows a,Music licensing is pain in some countries), but you guys must hurry up a bit.

BTW Ars:

Recent whispers across the blogosphere that Microsoft currently has no plans to launch the Zune HD in France prompted us to prod Redmond impatiently for more information.

Well maybe you could link to those whispers (PCWorld)? I actually found the french PCWorld story which was 3 days old and posted it, it was then linked by Engadget. I bet that this is when you heard all those whispers…meh

Source: Ars