New Windows Mobile 6.5 builds leaking, still ugly as sin

Looks like the XDA folks are a happy bunch, thanks to all these new Windows Mobile 6.5 builds hitting the web nearly every week. Redmondpie posted what’s new in the 23045 build leaked on HTCPedia:


-Text-based buttons on the bottom bar are now replaced by icon-based buttons which makes the experience look good, and more finger friendly than ever before.
-Almost all issues with fonts and pictures in Titanium have been fixed.
-Improved memory management.
-Faster and more responsive.
-Numerous other bug fixes.

I don’t want to hurt the WM6.5′ Team’s feeling or anything, but this thing still looks ugly. When is Microsoft going to stop the madness (polishing WM6.X etc) and allocate all their developers to Windows Mobile 7? I mean HTC and all other ODMs are going to slap their own UI on top of this anyway. So why bother with the misplaced icons etc? Redmond we have a problem, you need to talk to us. Is WM7 delayed again ? Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to get my hands on phones like the HTC Leo.But it would be so much better it didn’t have to run an OS with a prehistoric kernel..

Source: HTCPedia & RedmondPie via WMPowersuer