ShopSavvy Android app coming to Windows Mobile (and iPhone)

The popular Android app, ShopSavyy,that let’s user scan a products barcode & then automatically searches for the best price is coming soon to the new Windows Marketplace for Mobile and iPhone appstore according to the developer’s blog:

Who will win? ShopSavvy for the iPhone should be in the market any time now. We began working on ShopSavvy for Windows Mobile when the iPhone version was substantially complete. There is a chance that the Windows Mobile version of ShopSavvy may be available BEFOREthe iPhone – ouch. Initially, ShopSavvy will be available in Microsoft’s mobile market for 6.5. Eventually, it will be available for 6.1 – 7.0 Windows Mobile devices.

It would be interesting to see which marketplace gets it first (remember that MS’s will only be launched on Oct 6th).

Here’s a video of the app running on an HTC G1:

Source: ShopSavyy via Pocketnow