Resco Photo Viewer Alpha for windows mobile Preview

Resco’s award winning Windows Mobile Photo Viewer is finally about to get a finger friendly update after many years. An Alpha version is available for download on Resco’s forums. After playing with it for a bit I took those screenshots to show you the new finger friendly menu system (with kinetic scrolling). Icons are big enough even on 2.8″ screens and everything is runs smoothly.
The only downside is the thumbnails loading which takes time (but might be faster on new Windows Mobile phones as I was using a old HTC Trinity). Photo editing,which is one of the main features of the application (it let’s you crop/resize/draw etc), isn’t available in the Alpha and the only real bug I found was that panning through a picture when zoomed-in didn’t work correctly.


some new features:
G-sensor support
Touch friendlyness
The folder shows the preview of the pictures inside it
100% zoom in and out using double clicking (zoom the double clicked area)
Thumbnail and list view and multiselection operations
Direct access to the camera
Upload to Facebook, Flickr

Try it for yourself here

Post in the comments section if you find any bugs.

UPDATE: The Beta is out

Source: Resco via PPCGeeks

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