Windows Mobile 7 is getting close, WiFi chip already compatible

IstartedSomething uncovered 2 nice pieces of Windows Mobile 7 info today. First he found out that Cambridge Silicon Radio’s (the company that merged with GPS chipmaker SIRF last year) UniFi CSR6026/CSR6028 WiFi 802.11n chip is listed as being Windows Mobile 7 compatible here (pdf).


The other nugget come from the University of Waterloo’s student newspaper (pdf) which has an interviewed with Naheed Hirji who worked at Microsoft during winter break on Windows Mobile 7. Here’s what he quote from the interview:

Naheed was employed as a Program Manager, designing Microsoft’s new mobile OS, Windows Mobile 7, for release in 2010. While he couldn’t reveal too much about the project in the works, he explains, “The aim of Windows Mobile 7 is to be a hybrid between business and consumer oriented
phones.” While competitors like Apple’s iPhone were initially consumer-oriented, their recent focus has been on making it enterprise-friendly, using tools such as Microsoft Exchange email. On the other hand, RIM’s BlackBerry is traditionally too business-focused for the average user in their mid-teenage years. Considering that Microsoft targets the entire market, from business users to consumers in the student demographic, the plan is to develop a platform that incorporates the best of both worlds, including all the features today’s generation loves.

Source: Istartedsomething