T-Mobile Touch Pro2 available for $349!

You heard it right. The Touch Pro2 available on T-Mobile is going to cost you $349 iwnth a 2 years contract. Ouch! god knows why T-mobile is pricing it this high. Hit the links below to read the reviews posted today:


If you really want this handset, you’ve probably known so since it was announced, and you shouldn’t be deterred by anything except this ridiculous price. The handset is fine. But just know this: for $349, you can have virtually anything else on the market today. Putting the Pro2 at this price point means that every prospective buyer will have to compare it to the Pres, the iPhones, the MyTouch 3Gs, the Heroes (soon), and the BlackBerry Bolds of the world, all of which will cost less, and for most people, offer more, and ask themselves: This? Really?