Latest buid of Windows Mobile 6.5 tries to improve stylus-free usability

It looks like Microsoft is still actively developing WM6.5 post RTM in parallel to Windows Mobile 7 (I don’t know if it’s a good idea or a waste of time) . For example as you can see in the following screenshot the close (X) has now been place on the lower left (It doesn’t look good at all IMO) : Screen02s

Another change is the media player intégration into the lockscreen (now that’s a nice looking improvement):


The last screen shows the system wide magnifier which is activated with a double-tap just like the one used by HTC (my guess is that the HTCmagnifier will probably look nicer and used OpenGL es):


My only hope is that all theses changes are in-line with what the Windows Mobile 7 team is doing. It would be totally useless to continue changing WM6.5′s UI if a few months later Windows Mobile 7 comes out with a totally/radically different UI design in my opinion.

Source: XDA-Devs via WMPoweruser

  • Lituus

    From what I gather, the WinMo 7 UI should be markedly different (no idea what it’ll look like), and the 6.5 UI will still be developed separately, since both versions will be available simultaneously for a while in the marketplace.

    I also hear that the UI changes post-RTM are specifically being targeted at touch-interaction. What that means is, if you buy a 6.5 touch-enabled phone, it will update on first boot to the refined UI designed for touch. A non-touch 6.5 phone will keep the RTM UI since it fits better on smaller screens. Stylii-based phones are not really going to be sold anymore with WinMo 6.5

  • admin

    Yup that’s what all the info is poiting at lately (6.5 & 7 coexcisiting on the marketplace at some point). I just hope that MS releases WM7 as soon as possible.

  • yourboyfrombk

    bill gates knows what hes doing!!! after windows 7 come out all these pda’s are gonna be mini laptops!!! with those snapdragon processors coming into play. Apple throw out the best thing the could possibly have just hope theses big corporation (htc…micro…etc…) scout new trust worthy talent…