Nokia to kill S60 UI compatibility with Symbian^4


TamsS60 got a chance to sit down with Symbian Foundation’s David Wood to talk about the future release of Symbian^4. What came out of this Q&A is that ^4 UI will be Qt (Orbit) based and that will become the preferred programming environment for many parts of S60 app development. The plan is that the current “S60 Avkon” APIs for the UIs of applications will be phased out. Here’s quote from the article:

Will the Symbian UI be changed significantly in the future? Will this endanger binary compatibility?
There will be significant changes – both incremental and (in the case of the transition to Symbian^4) revolutionary. There will be a large break in binary compatibility with Symbian^4 (emphasis by editor). Such a step is not taken lightly, but it seems to be the emerging view of the Symbian community that the large benefits of this break will outweigh the undeniable drawbacks.

D.Wood added that S60 devs shouldn’t worry for the near future as S60 will continue: there are huge amounts of non-UI APIs, which will be available to developers from S^4 onwards.

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