RIM files a patent for hybrid capacitive-resistive touch screen

After coming out with the click-screen (capacitive) on the Storm nearly a year ago, RIM seems to be heavily investing in new touch screen technologies. The Canadian company has filed a patent for was looks like an hybrid screen mixing resistive touch panels/controllers with a capacitive touch controller. Here’s the abstract:

A touch screen display includes a display device, a resistive touch-sensitive overlay disposed on the display device and including a pair of touch-sensor layers separated by a gap, a resistive touch screen controller connected to each of the pair of touch-sensor layers for determining a position of a touch event on the touch-sensitive overlay and a capacitive controller connected to an outer one of the pair of touch-sensor layers for receiving input for determining changes resulting from capacitive coupling with the outer one of the pair of touch-sensor layers.

This technology has some drawbacks tough. Because of the multi plastic/glass layers placed on top of the display and the air gap, some brightness is always lost and durability can be an issue due to the use of moving parts (deformation of the screen).

The patent filing can be found here

Source: Unwired