Zune HD has multi-touch pinch zooming in IE Mobile browser


Microsoft’s Zune HD official website has always stated the following regarding the on-board version of IE Mobile:

Surf the web anytime, anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. Enjoy your favorite websites with a full-featured web browser including tap-to-zoom technology, built-in accelerometer, and touchscreen QWERTY keyboard

Nobody actualy knew what tap-to-zoom actualy is and if the browser will support the pinch gesture to zoom giving that the player sports a multi-touch capacitive panal. Today Ina Fried over at cnet has tis to say about her last hands on with Microsoft upcoming PMP:

One thing that will be available this fall is the Zune HD, Microsoft’s would-be rival to the iPod Touch. Although I had gotten a brief peek at the product in May, I didn’t really get to check out the browser. I played with an updated build of the product on Thursday and was pleasantly surprised to see the browser has the kind of pinch zooming that one finds on the iPhone or in Windows 7. On the down side, I didn’t see anything to indicate it will have serious gaming abilities.

Source: Cnet