Microsoft Windows Mobile Application Verifier released

The Windows Mobile Team just released the Appilcation Verifier. What does it do exactly ? Here’s a description :

Before an application will be accepted into the Windows Marketplace for Mobile catalog, it must be able to perform all primary and secondary functions while the Microsoft Application Verifier Test (AppVerifier) is running. AppVerifier needs to be configured to detect heap corruption and invalid locks usage, including critical section use. The specific conditions that must be met in order for the application to pass the AppVerifier test are:

•The application must not break into the debugger, crash, or fail when Application Verifier Heaps, Locks and Handles related tests are performed.
•The application must not have any invalid pointers associated with the main executable.

For more info about the AppVerifier and download links with instruction click here. As announced a few weeks ago, application submissions to the Windows Mobile Marketplace should start tomorrow.

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