Microsoft is looking for a Software Engineer to build a general-purpose graphics platform for mobile phones


A recent job ad posted on July 22 reveals that Microsoft is looking for a Principal Dev Lead to build a “general-purpose graphics platform for mobile phones” here’s the full job description:

Job Category: Software Engineering: Development
Location: United States, WA, Redmond
Job ID: 700202 5597
Product: Windows Mobile Devices
Division: Entertainment & Devices Division
Would you like to make a critical contribution to mobile computing? Do you enjoy building and leading strong teams? Do you have a passion for graphics and graphical user interfaces?

The Windows Mobile Software team is looking for an extremely senior development lead to manage a small team of highly motivated engineers and deliver a robust, performant, general-purpose graphics platform for mobile phones.

In addition to general development leadership responsibilities, the successful applicant will be able to design, communicate and navigate a roadmap for mobile graphics support in current and future Windows Phone operating systems.

Relevant skill-sets include: People Management and Team Building, Operating System API and Runtime development, Command of 2D and 3D Graphics APIs (D3D, OpenGL, DirectDraw, GDI) , Real-Time Rendering/Shading, Window System and Compositor design, Command of performance considerations over various ALU/ bus/GPU topologies.

B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent experience plus multiple years as a successful line manager or higher required. Familiarity with at least one family of Windows system architecture (3x, NT, CE) preferred

Does it have anything to do with XNA games on ZuneHD/Windows Mobile 7 ? Who knows..

Check it out here