HTC Qinin and Sense UI rumors

One more HTC rumor for today. This time from L3v5y over at Modaco. Another unknow HTC codename has benn droped..the Qinin wich should sport the new Sense UI on Windows Mobile this time. Here’s what he said :

HTC Sense UI which debuted on the HTC Hero is set to come on Windows Mobile (HTC have already announced this). It will be implemented as Manila 3.0, and will come on the HTC Qinin (though it may come around before then).

Nothing is known about the Qinin, apart from it’s mythical, magical, and what’s on it won’t work on the Topaz. (and it’s WVGA)

The Manila 2.5 screenshots floating around are heading towards Sense UI, but aren’t the same thing. Manila 2.5 will come on the HTC Leo towards the end of this year, with the Qinin expected to follow some time next year.

Source : Modaco via WMpoweruser